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With houseguests arriving in two weeks, the idea of painting the guestroom has come up.¬† Nick is thrilled with the prospect of yet another potentially half finished project. ūüôā

The guestroom in question is small and in dire need of some freshening up. Current state:

Like the toilet vent pipe there? Ha! Oh well…I like to think of it as a sign that converting this room into¬† bathroom (in 5 years…) won’t be too difficult.

I’m torn between two directions: all white or white walls with colored trim.

I love the¬†all white look, but in past experiences when I’ve done this, I’ve found it seems to look much better in the pictures I takr than it looks¬†in person. I’m also worried because most examples of this look include large south-facing windows that flood the spacewith great natural light.

photo via Remodelista

photo via Remodelista

The photo of our guestroom lies. It’s rarely that bright.

The other idea is minty colored trim.  No idea why РI just feel like trying it out. This color would have been perfect:


images via Apartment Therapy

Remodelista has a good photo:


Image via Remodelista

Unfortunately, they rec Farrow and Ball’s Cooking Apple Green paint to replicate the look. And while Farrow and Ball’s paint may indeed be the best paint ever produced…there is no way I can justify spending that much on paint.

 image via Frolic!

So the jury’s still out.¬† Not sure what to do, and I need to decide by Friday.¬† I think I’ll attempt at making a poll…


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What I like about Minnesota

You can find some awesome deals on craigslist.

For example.

Take our three season room (which currently serves as a storage room for things I’m not sure what to do with yet…like the $99 IKEA sofa, and the thift store chairs).

Not too bad….but wait.

 Ugly door! 

Luckily, we found an old¬†$35 solid wood exterior Craftsman door on craigslist. It’s hanging out in the mud room until I figure out…or more likely hire someone..to refinish and install it.

Yep. It’s upside down.

However, even with the ugly door…the room still looks better than it did a year ago:

Note the glass bottles. Each contained about a dozen dead bugs.


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What I miss about DC

Trips to The Design House in Lucketts, VA.




Images via Lucketts Store’s Facebook page.

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Where are you Spring?

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dream kitchen with dream pet

Wish I could remember where I got this…I think it’s from Frolic!

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holy s@#$

Operation door stripping may last a lot longer than planned. The first door from the kitchen has about 6 layers of paint, the bottom of which resembles a sticky glue.  After 5 hours, I have about 1/4 of one side done. Ugh.

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…and this is going to last a few months…

The house smells like oranges dipped in acid, but I still think Citristrip is amazing.

I’ve started on the bedroom door which began covered in light beige paint and is now in the scary basement looking like this:

 Next up will the kitchen doors Рwhich look exactly as the above door did pre-Citristrip (picture taken mid painting about a year ago):

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