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And speaking of lack of upkeep, here’s proof we’ve turned into redneck river rats…

I could try to give some excuses, such as a winter with sub-zero averages and a major spring time flood, but yeah.  There isn’t really any great excuse for Christmas lights still being up in May. 🙂

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…especially in tiny towns! Tomorrow morning, we’re rising early to drive out into the prairies.  In a small town about an hour away, we’ll be picking up this 1957 Coldspot fridge. Still in working condition.  And it’s only costing us $50.  🙂

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tiny progress

After six weeks, I managed to get one -yes, only one-  room painted.  I did buy paint for two other rooms.  That’s got to count for something!  

The office is now “Wyth Blue” by Benjamin Moore.  And yes, I still have the plastic on my screen. 🙂 Don’t want any paint splatters on my baby.

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rite of spring

morel mushrooms from the backyard. fried in butter with a glass of wine.


these guys are usually upwards $20 a pound, as they can’t be grown – only harvested in wild.  and by wild, I mean our backyard.  i knew those cliffs were good for something.  🙂

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wait so long

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