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I finally dragged out the new sewing machine and taught myself how to use it.  First project – curtains for the office.  No more mini blinds!

Looks like I’ll need to find some hooks to use for tie backs…and some non-yellow lighting that doesn’t make the walls look so green…

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day of inspiration

A night of staring at the screen while waiting for my obscenely slow work computer to create 15 pdfs, package files for 15 books, and burn 15 DVDs led to the discovery of some awesome interior and exterior ideas.

Awesome interior via DesignSponge of Lauren Nelson’s home:

I love the wood over the picture frame in the upper right – I may need to go forage for a piece of driftwood out in the fields tomorrow. 🙂

Awesome exterior ideas via Apartment Therapy:

 This is exactly what I’ve been envisioning for the old quonset hut foundations across the road. Last summer, these two buildings were removed:

Left behind are two large flat expanses, surrounded by a concrete footer, that are just begging for raised veggie beds with pea gravel walkways. 🙂 Another project requiring a lot more time than is currently available.  Hopefully for next year?

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