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proof washing machines float

Our basement four weeks ago:

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new house stuff

While still waiting for State Farm to get their act together, we’re looking forward to once again having hot water and heat.  Especially since we woke up this morning to snow flurries. The water heater, furnace, wood burning furnace, water softener, water well pump, and washer and dryer all met their demise under 4 feet of water in the basement.  One month later, and we’ve only been able to fix the well pump.  So at least we have a working toilet! Hopefully within the next few days, a new furnace and water heater will be up and running.  Perhaps next week I’ll be able to upload several of the flood photos.  I discovered such interesting tidbits, such as the floatability of washing machines.  And that rising waters mean that hundreds upon hundreds of snakes appear.  And that the counties view on determining you evacubility (I’m making up lots of words tonight) is determined by whether or not rescue vehicles can reach your home (which in our case was laughable…unless it was a rescue boat…).

So while wallowing in self pity, I discovered some decent sales at Urban Outfitters, and ordered these curtains and tie backs:

I have this delusion that perhaps this Fall I’ll get things going on the house again…

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