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hiding messes

The chilly weather has lead me back indoors, and a somewhat regular 45 hour work week has me a bit bored.  With new free time on my hands, I decided to try my hand with sewing again.  I began with an extremely easy project – hiding the messy open shelving in the bathroom.  With a budget of $0, I found an adjustable tension rod I had previously bought for upstairs and a set of cheap IKEA dishtowels that were purchased a year ago.  Since I used pre-hemmed dishtowels, I merely needed to sew one side to make the rod pocket.  A nice little ten minute project (as opposed for the half dozen other projects I have going on – each nearing the 6 month mark…ouch…). So here’s the finished project, complete with non-ironed dishtowels, the As-Is section IKEA throw rug covering the exposed subflooring, and plastic mirror frame. And, it you look verrry carefully at the light switch, you can see one of the hundreds of asian beetles that invaded the house this Fall. Lovely, eh? Nothing like living in a work-in-progress.

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