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All via http://www.designspongeonline.com, specifically here and here.

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Third times the charm

In 6 months, I’ve now moved the deer head three times – much to Nick’s annoyance. I think he’s now in his final place:

Also have the old military blankets up for curtains – only $15 a panel!


 Check out the hideous fan in the mirror! Oh well…at least it works.

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 Post paint, new switchplates and 3.5 hours of hand-sewing:

I’m thinking it may be time to start debating the merits of buying a sewing machine…

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Oddest closet ever.

Remember the closet in the “master” bedroom? The one that had a door knocked into it to access the bathroom?  And best of all, remember the head-thumping shelf?

Shelf is now gone, and I’ve been trying to paint the closet this weekend. Carpenter Nick was even kind enough attach my Anthro hooks to one of the leftover pieces of flooring. He did a great job. 🙂 It’s nice to finally use the hooks after they’ve been sitting in a box for two years!


And yep, the second photo is taken from the other side. Not confusing at all! Check out how yellow the door looks now.  I picked up some paint remover at Lowe’s this morning.  That should be a messy project…

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$6-14 at Lowes.  I’ve been trying to buy one per trip to Lowes.  Maybe they won’t seem so expensive if I buy them slowly over a few years?

We ended up replacing the door to the closet with a curtain. It would have had to been custom made (the door installed previously didn’t actually fit the opening, so even with the bizarre notches in the trim, the door still wouldn’t close fully), and curtains are just cheaper. 🙂

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