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When we bought the house, one room I was particularly excited for was the sun room. I had visions of lounging with coffee while reading a book, enjoying the sounds of birds and the gentle breeze off the water.  Fast forward a year and half, and reailty has set in; the windows are inoperable; there’s the jarring sounds of motorcyclists zooming by, and since there’s no screen door, opening the front door results in a number of bees buzzing around the room.  Nonetheless, I’m hoping the room will be more usable once it cools down a bit. It does have a wonderful southern orientation, which is great during cooler weather.  Alas, when it’s 90 out and the central air has been broken for a week, the room turns into an oven. However, at least it’s a slightly better looking oven now.

When we moved in, the room was painted a deep red with beige trim, as seen below.  It was probably the best looking room in the house when we moved in.

I spent hours laboring over the paint color decision, collecting dozen of swatches.  In the end, I got fed up, and went with Benjamin Moore’s Morning Dew.  Why? Because it sounds like N.’s favorite soda, Mountain Dew. We used the basic, off the shelf Bright White semi-glass Valspar paint for the trim.

We put the $99 Ikea sofa sofa in here, as it had nowhere else to go.  I bought the bottom crate with the orange on it for $2 at an auction, and the old suitcase came with it.  The lamp was $30 at a local antique show, and the painting was given to me by an artist who taught protraiture at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria.  I used to model for classes there.  After one sitting, the teacher gave me $80 and the painting.  The coffee table (which isn’t really shown) is a bench that the previous owner left in the basement.  The small round marble-topped end table was my great grandmother’s and the wall shelf was a $7 thrift store find. N. put together the coat hooks for me, using a piece of wood from one of our barns that we tore down.

It’s too bad we never actually use the room!  Oh well, for the time being, it’s a good place to store my sewing machine.

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$8 thrift store shelf before:

After a couple coats of ubiquitous white paint and a helpful father who hung the darn thing:

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has now gone to this, after $60 and six hours:

More tomorrow!  Gotta get the bathroom and kitchen cleaned tonight!

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 Post paint, new switchplates and 3.5 hours of hand-sewing:

I’m thinking it may be time to start debating the merits of buying a sewing machine…

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Two chairs purchased from The Cottage:

One chair purchased (for a $15 donation towards breast cancer research) from On a Whim:

A couple cans of spray paint later:

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$6-14 at Lowes.  I’ve been trying to buy one per trip to Lowes.  Maybe they won’t seem so expensive if I buy them slowly over a few years?

We ended up replacing the door to the closet with a curtain. It would have had to been custom made (the door installed previously didn’t actually fit the opening, so even with the bizarre notches in the trim, the door still wouldn’t close fully), and curtains are just cheaper. 🙂

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The randomly placed ceiling fan has been removed, and new lighting installed. While the light over the kitchen table turned out fine:

Large holes in the ceiling were unavoidable for the others:

And obviosly, since the ceiling has now been like this for four months….we have no idea to fix it. Of course, it’s not regular drywall up there.  Anyone have any ideas? 🙂

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