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my $1.25 tree topper

I love Christmas trees.  I’m really not into holiday decorating — more so out of laziness than any scrooge-like tendencies.  I’ve always made sure to have some sort of tree.  Years ago, when I had a 400-square foot apartment right outside DC next to the Key Bridge, I had a very special Christmas bush; a cheap Ikea evergreen plant decorated with ornaments.

We picked ours up from the local Knights of Columbus on St. Nicholas Day, the one holiday that rivaled Christmas in my childhood days (growing up in Germany tends to do that!).  I’ve been searching for a proper tree topper for a few years, but I haven’t found anything that I’ve really liked.  Ideally I’d want something similar to what my parents used growing up — a Nuremburg angel.

Perhaps someday I’ll have $100 to spend on Christmas decorations!

Until then, I think I’ve found a stand in.  I bought a 25 cent poinsettia at Lowes last weekend.  I then went to a florist today and bought 20 cent water tubes for flower stems.  After a little snipping and some jamming (those water tubes are not designed for poinsettias thick stems…), I attempted my first flower topper.

Not to shabby!  Especially for that price point.  Last year I had bought a tin tub from Lowes (they get quite a bit of business from me…) to use as our tree stand.  This year I picked up a bunch of pinecones on clearance at Michaels.  So, my one Christmas decoration in its entirety…

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Nein auch im Winter, wenn es schneit!

Yeah…a little late on this one…

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