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A $17 improvement

We ironically finally had the ceiling fan installed…just in time for 30 degree weather…without a furnace.  Oh well.  At least that ugly, dead-bug-catching light fixture is no longer.


The fixture before:

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I’m on a rug hunt. I’d like to put the current living room upstairs in the office.  The office floors are a little worn. And by “little worn,” I mean, “you can get a splinter walking on them.”  Unfortunately, I’m not exaggerating.  At least it’s still hardwood, right?

Here’s the living room, obviously taken around Christmas time (and yeah…we’re rednecks. The exterior Christmas light are still up…whoops).

I’ve narrowed the new living room rug to two options:

Ballard Designs, Le Poeme Indoor Outdoor Rug

5’x8′ for $279


 West Elm, Braided Stripe Jute Rug

5’x8′ for $229, currently on sale for $195

I need to get a second job.

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The ladder? No. The xbox360.

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The incredily patient and helpful Nick hung the mirror yesterday.  The mirror’s a hand-me-down from my parents, with a pedigree far more interesting than its looks. My mom bought during a trip to Italy the first time she and my father lived in Germany.  And now it hangs in the living room, with a nice reflection out the living room window (and yet another way to check if the river’s at the front door yet!)


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$45 (the chair – not Kirby!)

A little expensive for the area – but considering the cleanliness – I think it was worth the money. To be recovered at a later date…though the granny print is growing on me…

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Craigslist $200


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