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knock on wood…

…I think Spring has finally arrived to Minnesota.

My tulips are finally making an appearance!

And speaking of plants, we’ve got a new plant in the yard, albeit a dead one:

And speaking of our yard, we’re starting to get it back!

That’s some well watered grass.

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and on the up side…

While enjoying lunch sitting on the road in front of the house (now officially closed to traffic because of flooding), I saw a door float by.  I asked our neighbor, who used to live in the house, what it was.  Turns out it was the original front door to the house! After our neighbor removed it years ago, he said he didn’t have the heart to get rid of it, and stuck it in the red barn.  He was nice enough to fish it out of the waters for us.  Yay!

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it’s still rising…

Please don’t reach the house.

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our new view

hello river. nice to see you’re giving us a visit.

word on the street is that you’ll be coming even closer the next few days. please don’t overstay your welcome.

and give us our fire pit back.

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 Best local concert by far. They played in town last night (and hence why I’m just waking up…), but here they are from last month up in the cities:

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